We are exploring through our conversion and voyage how the use of innovative technology and design can benefit the performance and autonomy of an expedition vessel in the challenging Norweigian climate. We are seeking adventurous and generous sponsors to help us meet these aims. We would be delighted to discuss bespoke sponsorship partnerships to best meet your company’s aspirations.



Professionally produced short film by film maker COPA.

Ongoing blog documentation and social media.

Published book: a photo essay with accompanying text

Profits raised from the sale of Stødig go to the work of HHA in Haiti



£250+  Listed on our website and in the project book as a sponsor

£500+ As above with blog article specifically for sponsor

£1000+  As above with 25x10cm logo on the lifeboat and listing in film credits

£2000+  As above with 50x20cm logo with listing as key sponsor

£5000+  As above with listing as partner at start of film and on the lifeboat


We would be delighted to discuss bespoke sponsorship partnerships.

Goods, supplies or products from sponsors will be considered at their market value.

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